The environmental management system is a program that should be implemented by any business owner or a company in any field as a guarantee that the business is run will bring the potential for damage to the environment in its operations. In order for any company or business have the same standards in terms of running the operating system with environmentally friendly standards, environmental management system that is applied each company should be based on international legal standards such as ISO 14001

This standard shall be followed by a variety of companies and business sectors in the world in terms of their standard operations and in violation will face formal sanctions. Enforcement of the principles of ISO 14001 is based on an understanding of the environment as the area around the operation area company or organization that includes various factors such as water, soil, air, habitat for living beings as well as the surrounding community. The application of the principles of optimal environmental management should cover all of these areas if you want to be considered as a reliable and ethical company.

The implementation of an environmental management system that comprehensively not only an obligation of a company but also a good investment measures and long-term.

Based on ISO 14001, the definition of an environmental management system in general is a complete management system with regard to policies related companies or potential for causing impacts on the environment around the area of operations of the company, where the management system should cover the entire process from planning, research, implementation, liability To, review and reconsideration as well as the creation and maintenance of policies that have been generated. Companies that implement an environmental management system based on ISO 14001 maximally actually being invested by growing a good business environment and provide a good image to the public and potentially attract more customers or investors.

Benefits of Implementing ISO 14001: 2004

  • Can identify, estimate the passage and overcome the environmental risks that may arise.
  • Can reduce the cost of production can reduce workplace accidents can maintain good relations with the community, the Government and the parties who care about the environment.
  • Guarantees to consumers about the top management’s commitment to the environment.
  • Can lift the company’s image, boost consumer confidence and increase market share.
  • Shows the companies’ compliance with Laws – laws relating to the environment.
  • Simplify obtaining permits and access to bank credit.
  • To increase the motivation of workers.