Understanding SMP

Security Management System, hereinafter referred to as SMP is part of the overall management that includes organizational structure, planning, responsibility, implementation, procedures, processes and resources dayayang necessary for the development, application, achievement, assessment and Maintenance for the security policy in order to control the risk yangberkaitan with business activities in order to create a safe, efficient and productive

Standard SMP include:

  1. Determination of security policies and ensure commitment to the implementation of SMP.
  2. Planning policy compliance security management objectives and targets.
  3. SMP policy implementation effectively by developing the capabilities and support mechanisms necessary to achieve policies, aims and objectives of security.
  4. Measurement, monitoring and evaluation of the performance of security and perform corrective and preventive actions.
  5. Regularly reviewing and improving the performance of SMP on an ongoing basis with the aim of improving the performance of the security.

Interest SMP :

  • The purpose of the SMP is to create a security system in the workplace by involving members of management, labor, working conditions and environment that is professionally integrated to prevent and mitigate losses due to threats, harassment and / or disaster and to realize a workplace that is safe, efficient and productive.

Benefits Security Management System :

  • The basis for the certification process by the Junior Police Headquarters;
  • Ensuring that the company has been able to implement effective security management system;
  • Recognition for your company as a leader in security improvement in the protection of business processes as well as the company’s assets;
  • Enhance the corporate image thanks to an independent audit by a third party, and also save the cost of annihilation second party audits;
  • Ensure that your company has met government regulations on Safety Management System based on the Regulation 24/07;
  • Owners SMP will assist in the implementation of another management company needs, both nationally and internationally as Presidential Decree 63 of 2004 and SKEP Kapolri 738 about securing vital objects, ISO 28000: 2007 (Security Management Systems for Supply Chain), ISO 27001: 2005 ( information Security Management Systems), ISO / PAS 22399: 2007 (Societal Security).